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Imparting Job Oriented Skills - Experience Through Hands on Practice
Finally Knowledge & Skills are Together

Let Youth Learn - Focusing on Individual Trainee
Ensuring Skills are Learnt

Bridging Youth to Industry - Eliminating Gaps
Enhancing Livelihood Through Industrial Jobs

Product Range

Agricultural Implements

All Type of Agricultural Implements i.e Disc Plough, OffSet Disc Harrow, Mould Board Plough etc.

Other Products

Misc Parts

Car, Jeep, Truck, Bus Parts and General Enigineering Components



CAD / CAM Solution / CAE Collaboration

Hot Forging

Close Die Forging of Parts, Weight From 0.1 Kg - 50.0 Kgs


Grey Iron, S.G. Iron and Pressure Die Casting


CNC Turning Machines (Vertical + Horizontal) / Maching Centers (3 Axis, 4 Axis)

Heat treatment

Induction Hardening, Neutral and Carburizing Salt Baths, Normalizing, Stress Releasing